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Iskandar Malaysia UTM Research Centre

Growing beyond the challenges of today, the Iskandar Malaysia UTM Research Centre (IMREC) will synergise key expertise, skilled knowledge and experience from the world-renowned team of UTM Professors and Experts, to actuate the global potential of Iskandar Malaysia Read More...
March 22, 2011
written by ivat


Energy Research Alliance is officially established on 18th May 2009 with 10 other research alliances in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia mainly to spearhead the research and development initiative which aims to conduct world-class leading-edge research.

Various groups in the field of electrical, chemical, petroleum & gas and hydrogen under ERA are actively conducting research in many strategic energy areas. From electrical energy system to energy efficient air-conditioning, power electronics to lightning high voltage, waste to wealth fuel including advanced energy from hydrogen, and enhancement system for conventional petroleum and gas.

To ensure quality and high level of research output, each centre of excellence and research group is lead by Professor or Associate Professor and supported by all experienced researchers with all experiments are conducted in a well equipped lab.

UTM in its quest to become a Research University (RU) has begun to
re-brand and re-structure itself. UTM believe that the current facultybased
structure is too large and rather difficult to implement Key
Performance Index (KPI) based on research for its academic staff.
Historically, the faculties in UTM are unlike faculties of other
universities. In this respect, the faculties in UTM tend to become so
large that it is difficult for Dean’s to closely monitor and motivate both
teaching and research activities among the academic staff.
UTM believes that by re-structuring its faculties into two organizations,
one which is based on teaching and the other which is based on
research, would eventually be more practical to accelerate research
activities and maintain itself as a research university. In the new
structure, the faculties in UTM will now concentrate on academic
programs alone and the KPIs of the staff in the faculties will be based
on teaching and all matters related to academic programs at both the
undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
On the other hand, UTM will set up Research Alliances (RAs) to
motivate staff towards all matters related to research. Each academic
staff must now belong to both, one being in the faculty (status quo) and
another being inside a research alliance.

Definition of Research Alliance

“A Research Alliance is a formal and strong association of existing
centers of excellence, laboratories, formal and informal groups of
individual professors, established research groups within UTM
(possibly involving outside parties). The Research Alliance aims to
conduct world-class leading-edge research right through the whole
value chain including knowledge discovery, dissemination and
commercialization within focused areas which by nature are multidisciplinary.”


1 .Enhancing key research fields to boost UTM reputation both national and international recognition.
2 .Enable Centre of Excellence to fulfill its purpose of establishment aligned with MOHE expectation.
3. To assist University towards reaching MOHE Research University criteria’s in Research and Publication.

4. Optimizing and structuring human resources and equipments for research.
5. Enhancing research output and competitiveness through affiliation between Centre of Excellence involving energy, expertise and resources.
6. Creating a clear direction and reporting mechanism on research and publication.

This page is maintained by Energy Research Alliance.
For any inquiry please send us an email at :

UTM Sitemap

Philosophy of UTM

The divine law of Allah is the foundation for science and technology. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia strives with total and unified effort to develop excellence in science and technology for universal peace and prosperity, in accordance with His Will.


To be recognised as a world-class centre of academic and technological excellence


To be a leader in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation's wealth creation


In the name of God for Mankind

Brief History

UTM is a leading innovation-driven research-intensive university in science and technology located both in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia with a student population of more than 9,100 postgraduates and 13,800 undergraduates including more than 3,300 international students. It is renowned for being at the forefront of engineering and technological knowledge and expertise with more than 2,200 PhD students enrolled in science and technology research programmes. UTM has established a reputation for innovative education and leading-edge research contributing significantly to intellectual property generation for the nation. UTM is also actively involved in research collaboration with renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Imperial College, Stanford Research Institute, Kyoto and Tokyo, to name a few. The university offers a wide range of Executive Education programmes from industrial doctorate (Eng. D.) up to market-driven diploma courses.

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